Smart Controller Rebate Offers

Take advantage of limited time rebate offers on qualifying smart controllers. Homeowners, get up to a $400 rebate when you upgrade your outdoor sprinkler system with a qualifying “smart” controller. Please call the Municipal Water District of Orange County at 866-846-3725 or visit the Orange County Water Smart website to learn about:
  • Applications
  • Potential rebate amount
  • Program description
  • Restrictions and eligibility requirements
How Smart Controllers Work
Excess watering suffocates plant roots and washes away fertilizers and soil nutrients, causing plants to look stressed, turn yellow, and rot. Installing smart controllers in place of traditional timers can help solve this problem by applying just the right amount of water to your landscape to maintain optimal growing conditions.

Smart controllers use water more efficiently than traditional timers by monitoring your specific site conditions including plant and soil type, soil moisture, weather conditions, and more. Automatically adjusting the watering schedule on an ongoing basis to provide the right amount of water for each part of your landscape each day.

Residential smart controller typically range from $150 to $1,000 and commercial smart controllers range from $300 to approximately $11,000. These ranges vary depending on the size of the sprinkler system.

For More Information
To learn more about “smart” controllers, please visit the Municipal Water District of Orange County website.